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My Paranormal Experience is a different kind of paranormal podcast because there is no host. That means no questions, no chatter, and no small talk. The only thing you’ll hear is eyewitness after eyewitness recounting paranormal experiences they’ve had.  Links for how to listen are at the bottom of this page.


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When an extraterrestrial being kidnaps a human, that’s called an alien abduction. Every year, thousands of alien abductions are reported. The most famous alien abduction was reported by Barney and Betty Hill, in 1961. Alien abductions are reported around the world, but are most common in English-speaking countries. Abductees frequently report being taken aboard alien spacecraft, where various experiments and/or procedures are performed on them. Some abductees even report that they were forced to take part in alien/human breeding programs.

Alien abductions are a much more common phenomenon than most people know. In 1992, a Roper Poll reported that 4 million Americans believed they had been abducted. In 2014, a survey for a British talk show found that 1 in 25 participants, in the survey, believed they had been abducted by aliens.





Strange lights, saucer-shaped craft, flying triangles; unidentified flying objects come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Unidentified flying objects or UFOs, as they’re commonly referred to, have been reported by eyewitnesses for centuries. In fact, in 1639, a Puritan who also happened to be the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, named John Winthrop, wrote in his diary about a UFO sighting that had been reported earlier that year. 3 English immigrants reported that they had been rowing a boat, in the Muddy River, when they suddenly saw a great light in the night sky. They reported that the great light darted back and forth between them and the villiage of Charlestown, which was approximately 2 miles away. 

What eyewitnesses are seeing has been debated to exhaustion. While some of the UFO sightings can be easily explained away as being misidentified objects, a good percentage of the sightings can’t be explained away. It’s hard to see how the objects those eyewitnesses reported seeing could have been anything but spacecraft that are controlled by alien beings.





Ghosts are believed to be the spirits of a deceased individuals who have continued to exist, here on earth, in spiritual form. According to a recent survey, 60% of people say they’ve seen a ghost. Have you? In 2014, 80% of the Americans polled, in a survey, stated that they believed in the afterlife. That was an increase of 7 points from 1972 through 1973, when only 73% of the people polled said they did. What are the apparitions and ghostly figures so may people report seeing? Are they our deceased relatives and friends that we’re seeing? What they are is anyone’s guess. Say what you will, but ghost sightings are the most commonly reported paranormal experience. 





A cryptid is an animal or creature that is said to be in existence, but has not been proven to exist. Sasquatch is the most well-known cryptid there is, but a plethora of other cryptids are said to be in existence. Other well-known cryptids would include dogmen, goatmen, mothman, and chubacabras. While cryptid experiences are covered on My Paranormal Experience, we don’t cover dogman or sasquatch sightings. If you’d like to hear eyewitnesses talk about dogman encounters they’ve had, please listen to Dogman Encounters Radio. If you’d like to hear eyewitnesses talk about sasquatch encounters they’ve had, please listen to My Bigfoot Sighting



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